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    Our mission is to deliver high quality unique clothing that will put a smile on your face. They are our own original ideas and are screen printed by hand. We continuously try to come up with new and fresh ideas and hopefully you can find a garment to relate to and/or a great gift idea for someone you know.


    We are a high quality clothing line comprised of all original Celtic and Irish inspired designs that symbolize the attitudes and attributes common to so many people, including but not limited to those of the Irish, Scottish, and many other Celtic heritages. We travel to a vend at over 40 Irish/Celtic festivals, Scottish Highland Games and brewfests every year.


    We are always happy to assist you. Feel free to email us with any questions or requests. We can ship internationally, just email us at jkeays@celticattitudes.com or call (518) 321-7041 so we can work up a shipping quote for you.


    If you have any questions, concerns, issues with your order or any other website inquiries, contact us by email at: orders@celticattitudes.com  

    or call (518) 321-7041


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