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  • A note from Sullivan William Collins – The owner of Celtic Attitudes Clothing Company (est 2005)


    I would like to introduce to the newest member of the Celtic attitudes Team… “The Irish Senator”.   We can’t use his real name because the statutes of limitations hasn’t run out yet!

    I grew up with this guy, he is one of my best and oldest friends.  It’s a funny thing about the Irish, a close friend is about the most cherished and valuable assets a man can have.  More important than money, prestige or any of that other shite… good friends that can be depended upon is an essential part of every Irishman’s life!

    Besides being a good friend of Irish descent,  this guy is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met… his drinking escapades are legendary, his life path is surreal.   Trust me when I say The Senator is the guy you want with you when celebrating good times, to have your back in a bar fight,  and to tell your story when you’re gone!   He recently went back to college and received a bachelor’s degree in Literature, no small feat for a man turning 50 years old.  So, I’ve asked him to write a series of  Stories about growing up in an Irish Catholic family, of  drinking too much, fighting too much and living life to the fullest!

    When I asked The Senator to describe his thoughts on  joining the Celtic Attitudes team, this is what he had to say….” I am a new, yet old, edition to the Celtic Attitudes team, as they say in corporate circles, of which we are, thank God, not a part of.”

    Celtic Attitudes, as the way I see it, is more about a philosophy than just a clothing business. Of course, it is a business, we design and print shirts, then sell them… but it is much more than that.  It is like the old pirate ethos– against all flags! A nod to the audacity and rebellious spirit of the Irish people.” The shirts Sullivan Collins makes are more like pirate flags than anything else.”

    The name, and the logo of John L. Sullivan taking on all comers, declaring that he “could lick anyone in this public house!” is not one of conforming attitudes, or unconditional love.  It is one of audacious rebellion against the powers that want to put you in your place: a gallant defiance that has distinguished itself in warrior form, as mercenaries, nationalists, rebels (on both sides of the pond), and patriots in wars and battles all over the world.

    Celtic Attitudes shirts speak with humor at the fact that, everyone knows that the Celts (Irish, Scottish, Welsh…)  fight and drink, with a passion that has seldom been seen (let’s just be done with it, and say “never been seen”). Instead of being ashamed or hiding from it,  We embrace it, and declare through a fighting John L. Sullivan… that we just do it better than everybody else!

    This is, America, after all, a free country that allowed the Irish to prosper and defend those very values for all citizens. So raise your glass with Celtic Attitudes in glorious defiance to the status quo, and the din of the conforming sheep that don’t drink or fight or even brag about it the next day!

    Welcome The Irish Senator!


    Artwork by Kevin McKrell – http://www.kmckrell.com/photos.html


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