About Us

To tell our story, we must first explain our iconic logo.
Our logo evokes the nature of Irish temperament. It's remarkably theatrical, depicting the great John L. Sullivan striking a pugnacious stance in his boxing sash and leotards; A funny reminder of how over-the-top and dramatic bare knuckle boxing was. That's not to say, however, that any man brave enough “toe the line” with the fast and incredibly strong Sullivan would use the term "funny" to describe their beating.
Bare-knuckle boxing is not known to attract the kindhearted type. As such, John L. Sullivan (known as The Boston Strong Boy) was a very serious man who lived a very serious life. During his heyday, Sullivan was known to enter a public house, announce that he could "whip any man alive," and fight all who dared to disagree. By the end of his 10 year reign as heavyweight champion, Sullivan became America’s first true sporting superstar. Irishmen everywhere could be proud that the baddest man on the planet was one of their own. While magnificent in its own right, the beauty of this story is in its poetic representation of the Irish people: Always willing to take one to give one, and feeling invincible when in the right drinking establishments.
John L. Sullivan had one of many legendary Celtic attitudes that stand the test of time. Those of us blessed by Celtic ancestry share the unique responsibility of maintaining these attitudes; After all, it's in toeing this line between bravery and absurdity that Celts are distinguished from every other band of spirited misfits.
Our founder is named Sullivan "Bill" Collins, which is about as subtly Irish as a shillelagh upside the head. When Celtic Attitudes started, Bill needed a logo that would give his brand some unique power. In this photograph, he found a perfect match for everything he wanted to impart in his line of clothing: The fighting spirit and profound stubbornness of a people that the Vikings, Normans, Brits, and even genocidal famine could not extinguish.
Our clothing provides an opportunity laugh at ourselves and our Celtic heritage. At Celtic Attitudes, we don’t take ourselves too seriously which is necessary when creating anything authentic. Each original design is a declaration of war to our cliché ridden, mass-produced competitors that push an endless supply of "Kiss Me, I'm Irish." t-shirts to the culturally-soft masses.
So come rally around our banner and join us if you do not give a shite about conforming to a bunch of petty beliefs, made by people with thin skin and too many participation medals. We aren't curing cancer or splitting atoms, just dispensing craic one shirt at a time.