Coward Green T-Shirt
Coward Green T-Shirt

Coward Green T-Shirt

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At an Irish Festival many years ago, our founder, Sullivan "Bill" Collins, was inspired to create this design after being told a story by a long-time fan and customer, also coincidentally named Sullivan.

When he was a much younger man, Sullivan and his 5 cousins would hangout in pubs in Kerry, Ireland; After a successful night of drinking, the men would wander into the night and shout "Come out ya coward, and fight the six of us!" at random apartment windows.

"You had to be careful though, Billy." Sullivan warned. 

"Why's that?" Bill asked.

"Because the man who comes out is a very serious man!"

So whether you've got a group of friends with too much liquid courage, or you're a serious man looking for a scrap, this shirt is for you.